Monday, November 19, 2012


Random stuff about the boys:

Eli picked out a few joke books at the library. Wow, this mama had NO idea how difficult it would be to explain a joke--especially ones involving word plays. Jeez. Anyway, Eli finds all of this fascinating. And he tries his hand at making up jokes all the time. Here are two jokes he made up about a week ago:

Eli: "Why can salt be colored?"
Mama: "Why?"
Eli: "When it's a banana!"
Insert laughter here.

Eli: "When is cereal the freshest?"
Mama: "When?"
Eli: "When it's a sink!"
Insert laughter here.

When talking about stars the other night, Eli says "Stars are just like numbers, they go on forever."

Tonight when Daddy got home from work, Ewan was in the tub. Daddy said "hi" to Ewan and asked him if he loved him. Ewan teased, "I love....hmmm...Mama!" Daddy said, "You don't love your Daddy?" And Ewan, with a very serious face and very clear, deliberate words, said, "I love my Daddy so much."

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