Friday, May 25, 2012


It's amazing two boys can do in the sun and a sprinkler! This was early May. Ever since, we've been waiting for another day like this...

Best Mother's Day Ever!

Mother's Day was a gorgeous sunny day so we headed to Portland for a hike in Tryon State Park, dim sum at Wong King and a trip to a bike shop to look at cargo bikes (we left empty-handed, but that was OK!)

The hike was the highlight--Tryon trails were perfect for the boys to run along and there were many bridges for them to cross. Plus, along the trails were hollowed out tree stumps that the boys could fit inside. Kid heaven!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ewan is 23 months old!

Ewan is so close to being 2-years-old now. But if you were to ask Ewan how old he is going to be on his birthday, he'll tell you "Three!"

He is talking in cute little sentences now. Tonight at dinner he said, "Mama go?" because Mama was at a meeting. He tells his parents to blow on his food to cool it off, read him books, "kiss!" and shoes off!

He loves to do almost anything his brother is doing, particularly if that involves mud in the backyard.

Ewan is very coordinated. He throws a ball well, has started riding Eli's old balance bike and uses a 3-wheel scooter at daycare. He can run pretty fast too, and he loves to run down the sidewalk with Eli.

Ewan still loves music and he always wants to dance. He has quite the dance moves too and we think he could end up on some dance competition when he is older!

Ewan sleeps in the same room as his brother now and he loves it. But he is nice and quiet when he wakes up super early in the morning and crawls into bed with Mama and Daddy. Then he demands "nurse!"

He is still a super smiley guy who loves to make new friends. Of course in anticipation of his 2-year-old birthday, he's started with some terrible twos behavior. He yells "NO!" even before you finish the question and he throws short tantrums. Fortunately for Ewan, his parents think that his tantrums are quite cute! We'll see if that lasts...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Petal play

On May 2nd, Eli and Ewan ran outside to play while the cherry blossoms fell like snow around them. Eli and Ewan collected cherry blossoms from the ground and knocked more off the tree to fill the pond with floating pink petals. Beautiful. But not beautiful enough. Eli had to get into the pond and play some elaborate game Mama did not understand but thought was funny enough to photograph.

Awesome 3000

Eli and Ewan ran the super popular Awesome 3000 race on Saturday. They loved it! Eli ran with Ewan, who was in a different race because of his age. Eli yelled "Ewan! Ewan!" the entire way, and Ewan ran the entire 300 meters! Eli loved the medal and book he got at the end, and swore he would do it again faster next year.

Frog hunting

A frog-hunting expedition with Daddy on Sunday. Super successful: they found egg sacks with itty bitty tadpoles growing inside and many, many tadpoles with legs (they look like salamanders). Basically, it was boy heaven.