Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Things I love...

Being serenaded with the ABC song by Eli on the way to school.

Ewan waving good-bye and saying "bye, bye, bye..." as a friend (or even a random person buying something from us off Craigslist) leaves our house.

Eli "working" with Daddy around the house on every kind of project -- plumbing, electrical, etc. And his eagerness for more.

Ewan's babble, especially when he is looking right at me and saying something very important, which is obvious from his expression and his intonation.

Eli jumping at the chance to pick out a diaper and clothes or pjs for Ewan.

Ewan -- wanting to be just like his big brother -- and pulling out shirts and pants from Eli's drawers.

Eli's drawings slowly transforming from scribbles to slightly-more-detailed scribbles.

Ewan's enthusiasm for artwork even when no artwork is produced.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Conversations with Eli

Who is bigger?, and thus, knows more

We spent New Year's Eve at A.C. Gilbert House -- it is the 3rd year in a row! This time, Eli and Ewan were playing in the Oregon room. At the area with the beach, Daddy said, "Oh look, a hermit crab."

A little girl next to him said, "No that's not a hermit crab, that's a (some other kind of crab)."

Daddy didn't say anything.

As they walked to another room, Eli said, "Daddy, are you bigger than that girl?"

Daddy said, "Yes, why?"

Eli: "So it was a hermit crab afterall?"

A walk in the park

While walking to Bush Park yesterday, Eli found 5 sticks he just couldn't pass up. He was dragging them to the playground, telling Mama all about the sticks, when he stopped.

Eli: "Mama, the thing about carrying all of these sticks is that other kids might ostracize me."

On the way home from the park, Eli and Mama (with Ewan on her back) were pretending to be allosaurus dinosaurs hunting for prey. Eli said we were to really use our sense of eyesight, smell and hearing to find prey, but then we would just pretend to eat it.

Upon seeing two teenage girls on the sidewalk in front of us, Eli yells, "Look meat!!!"

Luckily (for Mama), they didn't know he was talking about them.

About the babysitter

Eli met a new babysitter a few days ago. At dinner, Daddy asked if Eli liked her. Eli thought for a moment and then said, "I don't like her hair, but I like her body."