Sunday, November 4, 2012

Conversations with the boys

Early humans versus wooly mammoth is the new cops and robbers:
The games at our house are sure getting complicated. Whatever happened to cops and robbers? Check this out:
Eli: "Can we play a game before bedtime?"
Mama: "Sure, what do you want to play?"
Eli: "OK, so Ewan and I are early humans and you are the wooly mammoth and we disturb you and you chase us to where we were eating dinner!"
Mama: "Then what?"
Eli: "Then we spear you to make clothes of your skin."

Pronunciation and phonics collide:
Daddy mentions to Mama that Eli is getting better at sounding out his letters.
Eli: "Rain starts with R, Train starts with T and Firty starts with F!"
Mama: "Firty?"
Eli: "Yeah, firty...firty-one...firty-two...firty-three..."
Ah yes, remember how the "th" sounds like "f"?!? That's why all little kids call me Beff.

Good thing that are nice tools in the world:
Ewan, pointing to a tool on Daddy's tool bench: "That sharp. That pinch you."
Daddy: "Yes, that could pinch you."
Ewan, pointing to a different tool: "That not pinch you. That nice."

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