Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Driving to December....presents for pee

My conversations with Eli these days often make me laugh out loud. I love these insights into how his mind works. Here's two great recent conversations:

Eli sees the Happy Birthday card he made for Michael's birthday on the wall.

Eli, singing: "Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you, Mama."

Mama: "Do you know when my birthday is? It's in December just like yours."

Eli: "We get presents!"

Mama: "Yes, that's right. We get presents on our birthdays."

Eli: "Get presents right now?"

Mama laughs. "No, we aren't going to get any presents right now. December is really far away."

Eli ponders this for a moment, and then gets this I-can-solve-that-problem look on this face.

"Let's drive there!"

Not that all of our conversations are about presents, but this one also happens to also fall into that category:

Daddy: "Do you want to sit on your potty, Eli?"

Eli: "Get a present?"

Daddy: "If you pee or poop in your potty, you will get a present, yes."

Mama: "Do you want Mama to sit on the toilet while you are on the potty?"

Eli: "Yes!"

I hope this isn't too much information: Mama pees.

Eli yells: "Daddy, Mama get a present now!"